Letitia Britz

Letitia Britz

Where did you hear about It’s Amazing! ZT and how did you get involved?

Lisa asked me to just go with her and see what they are doing in Heideveld. My heart has always been to reach out to the teenage boys.

How long have you been involved?

6 years

What do you do at It’s Amazing! ZT?

I am a ‘teacher’ at the Peacemakers, a group for teenage boys, on Mondays. Our class consists mainly of three parts. A group discussion where we talk about their outlook on life. Bible study, and one-on-one conversations. We also have a football team.

What does it mean to you to be part of It’s Amazing! ZT?

To be part of It’s Amazing! ZT makes me part of the “bigger picture” in life. To help the teenage boys realise that there is hope for them. There really is something different for them than the hardships of Heideveld.

What is your greatest happiness?

When children finish high school and when they give their hearts to the Lord.

What is your greatest sadness?

To see how the children throw away their lives because they do not have hope. I was where some of them are, but the Lord delivered me.


Writing and reading (reading=knowledge)

Favourite scripture from the Bible?


Anything else you want to say?

Never lose hope. The Lord will always give you a second chance.