Mienas’ Prayer

The power of prayer comes in every shoe size…

I once again realised this as I heard little Miena (three years old) say grace for the sandwiches we were about to receive.

Miena and her brother, Benito, has been a part of our  It’s Amazing Kids Club in Heideveld, for the past two years. Every Tuesday and Wednesday they join us to get something nice to eat, some love and playtime with fellow children of the area. The rest of the week they regularly come to visit our housemother, auntie Lewena, where love overflows and a bowl of food is always available.  These two, among others, have surely crept into our hearts. They are growing up in very difficult circumstances and it’s remarkable to see how fragile, yet strong they are. Benito (five years old) has taken on the role as Mienas’ protector. Wherever Miena goes, Benito goes and wherever Benito goes, Miena goes.  Anyone can see from a mile away, how strong and inspiring their brother-sister love is.

A while back, like every other Wednesday, as we gathered to wash hands and eat a sandwich, we asked the children who would like to say grace. Miena immediately put up a hand and asked if she could. Miena is usually very shy and definitely not a crowd pleaser, we think it’s thanks to teacher Magdel (our newest addition to the team) who runs the preschool playgroup, that Miena discovered her voice.

Miena closed her eyes, folded her hands and started to pray; “Lord bless the food we are about to receive. Let us never forget who You are. Amen”

Such a big thank you-prayer from such a small girl. We can all learn from Miena, we are never too young or too old to stand up and thank the Lord.

– Denidia Kilbourn