About us


It’s Amazing! ZT aims to make a transformative contribu­tion to the lives of people living in the communities we serve, by creating safe and caring environments in which they can thrive.


  • To speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves (Proverbs 31:8-9)
  • To overcome all boundaries with love and truth
  • To assist and serve the community in practical ways
  • To live out a new attitude to life in the community

In the face of high levels of poverty, gangsterism, sexual abuse and crime, It’s Amazing! ZT strives to create an alternative society in the battered communities on the Cape Flats, by providing key commu­nity support services and offering vital educational programmes that can help children break out of cycles of poverty and despair


It’s Amazing! ZT had its humble beginnings in 2000. With a house in Badsberg Close in Heideveld and no idea of the road ahead we stumbled in the darkness searching for the Light.  We are truly grateful that the Lord has shaped and moulded us and provided us with much needed wisdom and a crystal clear vision.

The community we serve has been hurt so many times and they found it difficult to trust us in the beginning, but through had work and consistency we have won their trust. Race, religion and cultural differences are no longer a sensitive issue and we feel loved and accepted.

The best is yet to come.