Discover the Cape Flats through the eyes of the locals

We welcome visitors from all over the world to our It’s Amazing home in Badsberg Close in Heideveld.

We render the following services to visiting groups:

  • An introduction to the Cape Flats with testimonies from local residents.
    • Mamma Joan will entertain you with stories from her days in District 6 and the devastation of the forced eviction in the 1970’s.
    • Team members who reside in Valhalla Park, Heideveld, Mitchells Plain and Bonteheuwel will share their experiences.
  • An introduction to the different religions in our communities
  • Real life stories of people who have to live with the devastating reality of drug abuse, sexual abuse and gangsterism.
  • A visit to the different programmes of It’s Amazing! ZT
  • Join us for a delicious meal and taste the fusion of the spices of the Cape Flats. You are also welcome to share a meal with the children that are part of our feeding programme.