Ashlynne Marinus

Ashlynne Marinus

Where did you hear about It’s Amazing! ZT and how did you get involved?

Sister Lowena came around with outreach and asked if I wanted to get involved in the mentoring program. My son and daughter are in the Kids Club and I asked Lisa if I couldn’t get involved because I have a love for children and would like to work with them.

How long have you been involved?

1 and a half years

What do you do at It’s Amazing! ZT?

I am a teacher at the Babbelbekkies Sneeuberg Road and for ‘New Feelings’ at Kids’ Club. And I also volunteer on Tuesday at after school free Play.

What does it mean to you to be part of It’s Amazing! ZT?

It gives me a great pleasure to be part of It’s Amazing! ZT. Here I have found love and acceptance, because I did not know it. I have also learnt how to love children. I am very grateful for it.

What is your greatest happiness?

The Lord. That I can serve Him. He made a lot of changes in my life and cares for me every day.

What is your greatest sadness?

Injustice, and people who want to drag you down.


To work with the children, play netball and softball, and to sing.

Favourite scripture from the Bible?

Psalm 27: 1